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Leadership and Participant Development Coordinator


The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) is a member-based institution with not-for-profit state that exists to support the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people and communities through participation in sport, physical activity, and recreation.

The responsibilities of ASC are aligned with the TRC Calls to Action, are as follows:

  1. Public Relations – Provide a national voice for Aboriginal sport, physical activity, and recreation;
  2. Research – Conduct research to inform decisions, policy, planning and program delivery pertaining to Aboriginal participation in Sport, physical activity and recreation;
  3. Policy – Guide, develop, monitor policies and frameworks pertaining to sport, physical activity, and recreation to ensure relevance to the needs of Aboriginal people and communities;
  4. Delivery System Capacity Building – Build capacity at the national, provincial and territorial levels in the design and delivery of sport, physical activity, and recreation programs that are appropriate for Aboriginal people;
  5. Athlete, Coach, Officials Development – Oversee and/or facilitate the development and training of individuals to be effective leaders for Aboriginal participants in sport, physical activity, and recreation;
  6. Events – Oversee and contribute to the development and delivery of national and international events and programs that enhance participation of Aboriginal people in sport, physical activity, and recreation.
  7. Promotion and Recognition – Facilitate and encourage enhanced participation of Aboriginal people in sport, physical activity and recreation through the delivery and oversight of promotional activities and recognition programs.

ASC is expanding their Ottawa based National Office staff to include a full time “Leadership and Participant Development Coordinator”.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • An Indigenous background who is aware of and shares the vision, mission and values of the ASC;
  • Current knowledge of the Aboriginal Coaching Modules (ACM), Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program (AACP) and Aboriginal Long-Term Participant Development Pathway (ALTPD);
  • A mimimum of two years program coordination experience at the provincial and or national Canadian sport program level;
  • Strong organizational and effective verbal and written communication skills;
  • Should be passionate about the Indigenous culture, have a positive attitide, understand and work within an Indigenous value system that emphasie caring, sharing and respect for all.

If you wish to be considered for this position, please submit (in confidence) a covering letter and resume by Friday February 9th at 4:00pm EST to:

Heather Kaulbach
Aboriginal Sport Circle, Executive Director
[email protected]

We will only contact the top-rated candidates that will be interviewed. The final selection process will be completed by April 1st, with the candidate in place at the Ottawa National Office by May 1st or sooner. For additional background on the ASC please refer to

Job Description

“Aboriginal Sport Circle – Leadership and Participant Development Coordinator”

General Description

The Aboriginal Sport Circle Leadership and Participant Development Coordinator (ASC-LPD) shall coordinate all activities pertaining to programs delivered through the organization or through partnerships with other organizations, which advance the development and promote the meaningful inclusion of Aboriginal peoples. In furthering the objectives within the area of facilitating the development and training of individuals to be effective leaders for Aboriginal participants in sport, physical activity and recreation, the ASC-LPD shall work with the Coaching Association of Canada, Sport 4 Life, Motivate Canada, Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Bodies (P/TASBs) and other partners towards the establishment of strategic partnerships and Long-term athlete, coach and official development opportunities.


A) Administrator Responsible for administering initiatives/projects specific to the
ASC program areas.
B) Planner Responsible   for   event   coordination   details   with   regards
developing, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating
programs  in  partnership  with  the  ASC  Executive  Director.
Contributes as needed to policies, directions and objectives of
the organization.
C) Communicator Ensures the effective exchange of program information with the
Executive Director, select Working Groups, P/TASBs, other sport
organizations and agencies and Aboriginal community.
D) Educator Provides program specific information and general information as
needed or as determined by Executive Director, to volunteers,
contractors,   sport   organizations,   media   and   other   key
E) Evaluator Responsible for program reports and working with the Executive
Director and working groups to ensure the effective evaluation of
ASC programs. Provides recommendations to working groups
and Executive Director based on an evaluation of programs.
F) Facilitator Provides  support  to  and  coordinates  linkages  between  ASC,
NSO,  PSO  and  P/TASB  initiatives.   Ensures  that  all  ASC
programs are aligned and flow according to the principles and
constitution of the organization.
G) Negotiator Mediates issues arising within the delivery of the ASC programs
and creates proactive measures to deal with potential problems.
Works  with  the  Executive  Director  to  secure  resources  and
negotiate agreements with partners.
H) Diplomat Represents the ASC in a sensitive, tactful and discreet manner,
by  having  a  good  understanding  of  Indigenous  communities,
cultures and sport issues. Additionally, to inform the Executive
Director of all diplomatic endeavors and initiatives.
I) Leader Displays a positive, balanced, and healthy lifestyle based on the
organization’s principles, constitution, and holistic module.

Level of Authority

Structure Frequency
Reports to: Executive Director Daily
Works with : ASC Staff Daily
P/TASB’s Frequently
As Required:
Working Groups Leadership and Participant Development
Program Participants As required
Project Consultants As required
Sport Community As required

Average Travel Requirements

The ASC-LPD will work out of the National ASC office located in Ottawa, Ontario. They will attend meetings and events as required. They will travel out of the National Capital area on average six (6) times per year.

Power of Decision –Making

The ASC-LPD has the authority to implement and administer the approved plans, policies and programs of the ASC, as approved by the Board of Directors, which are delegated through the Executive Director. For actions beyond these limits, the ASC-LPD is required to have decisions approved through the Executive Director.

Workplans and Performance Appraisal

The ASC-LPD is responsible for the submission of annual program plans to the Executive Director. The annual plans are to reflect the objectives established within the organization’s ASC Business Plan 2017-2020.

The ASC-LPD is responsible for the submission of monthly workplans to the Executive Director, which align with the activities and timelines established within the annual plan.

Performance Appraisals will be carried out on annual basis during the February 14-28 time frame. The Appraisals will be conducted by the Executive Director and the Human Resource Committee and the ASC-LPD is responsible for presenting a self-evaluation in advance of the process.

Key Responsibilities

  • Program Planning and Development
  1. Coordinate, in conjunction with the Executive Director, an annual cycle of planning and evaluation in order to establish program priorities, activities and budget.
  2. Submit and review a monthly workplan to the Executive Director.
  3. Monitor the overall activities of respective programs in conjunction with Executive Director to ensure objectives are being achieved.
  4. Develop reports, correspondence and recommendations on programs as deemed necessary by the Executive Director.
  5. Contribute to development of new policies, procedures and systems necessary to ensure effective administration of programs.
  • Financial Management
  1. Support the Executive Director in the development of program budgets and monitor and report on same.
  2. Ensure that program financial transactions and reporting comply with ASC policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Human Resource Management
  1. Participate in appropriate orientation of new consultants, resource people and volunteers as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director.
  • Representation and Liaison
  1. Be an official spokesperson of respective programs if deemed appropriate by the Executive Director.
  • Communications
  1. Support and coordinate as required the flow of information between ASC staff, members and working groups, sport and aboriginal community (national and provincial/territorial).
  2. Provide information as required to program partners in conjunction with the Executive Director and other interested parties on all aspects of respective programs.
  3. Monitor and provide ASC website updates and social media feeds as necessary.
  • Leadership
  1. Recognizes the profile of the ASC-LPD position as an ASC Ambassador and the importance of demonstrating positive, healthy, and holistic lifestyles.
  2. Builds relationships and works cooperatively and collaboratively with partners and stakeholders.

Program Areas

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
The ASC-LPD will provide support to the ASC Coaching program projects, as required and in cooperation with CAC.

Long Term Athlete Development

The ASC-LPD will provide support to the ALTPD program projects and the ASC Competition Review, as required and in cooperation with S4L.

Canada Games

The ASC-LPD will provide support to develop the short, medium, and long-term strategies for the meaningful inclusion of Aboriginal peoples (coach, athlete and official) in the Canada Games. The ASC-LPD will provide support with the AACP as required and in cooperation with CAC.

Partnership Development

The ASC-LPD will provide a supporting role to the Executive Director for the ASC’s anticipated future partnership with Parks and Rec, INAC and other future partners.


Perform such other duties as assigned by the Executive Director that are consistent with, but not limited to, the roles and responsibilities of the ASC-LPD position. Additionally, to prepare reports to be presented at the Annual General Assembly and reports to be presented at the Board of Directors and other key stakeholders

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